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I Was Confused. . .

Looking everyone only to find its not the way i had imagined it all in my mind

18 March
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I had a friend who was way to young to die. I guess death is one of those things some people do to life -Chronic Future *R.I.P Steph*

I live for my independence, live by my beliefs, yeah, I live with my intentions careful falling for me. I've come to a new conclusion on the folly in love and youth. Yeah I've made my decision call it policy or truth. -Kenna

I'll never leave you beind or treat you unkind. I know you understand and with a tear in my eye, give me the sweetest goodbye that I ever did receive. -Maroon 5

I see that I took what I hated and made it a part of me -Linkin Park

.Just a Poet.LP BITCH!.LPU Member.Love my Friends to death.Fuck the rest!

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Mike Shinoda Rocks The Mic.

Created by fading_princess


Linkin Park is Everything

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Mike Shinoda is Love

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The Simpsons are Love!

Happy Bunnys are Evil Love!

You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.
Made by toxicjellybean

Garden State is love.

Napoleon Dynamite is flippin' and sweet Love, gosh!

Pulp Fiction is square Love.

Spongebob is love!

Gary is snaily love!

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